Sunday, January 9, 2011


These are more pictures from the camp, the bottom picture is from the national park we visited, the second is from the final night in camp. That last night we stayed up late and hung out for as long as we could because even though everybody wanted to go home- we didn't really want to leave all our new friends.

Lion's Club Camp

This is the diary that we wrote during the camp:

After staying with my host family, I spent a week at a Lion's Club camp with other exchange students from all over the world. At the start of the week we all just wanted to go home, almost everybody there had already been in Finland, away from home, for weeks. By the end of the week, nobody wanted to leave.
It was amazing to be able to meet teenagers from all over the world, and it was one of my favorite things about the trip.

Final days with my host family continued

These are more pictures from my last few days in Viliijakkala. Artuu and his friend on the beach, Ilona and the cat, and some pictures of the sauna.

Final days with my host family

These are pictures from my final few days with my host family before i went to the camp. We spent those days in the summer house.

We went to a family friend's wedding. There were not many people in the church ceremony, because in Finland people only go to the church part if they are believers of that particular faith.


These are draisine or handcars, you can rent them in Finland and ride them on abandoned railroad tracks. A big group of us took them, we rode for a few hours, stopped to have a picnic lunch and then rode back.


After going to the castle, we spent some time just wandering around Turku. These are pictures of some of the buildings.